Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Internetz fail.

Sorry for not living up to my pre-promised oath of posting 'more than once in a while'.

Internets has been down for a while. Something about something not working and then something else about someone not delivering something new to the correct address somewhere sometime when someone else was waiting for the something.

It's complicated shizzle, guys.

Anywai. Not much been happening, right nao all I'm waiting for is the new Fable 3 to come out. Anyone else?
Sure you are.

Oh, yah and Fallout New Vegas. Anyone else?
Of course you are guys.

Oh, and have to admit that film 'Never say Never'? Biopic about Justin Bieber? Gotta say, it's looking pretty sweet guys. What about you?
Guys? Guys? Where'd you go?

Meh, anywai. Sorry for not posting, was out of mai hands, and hell, nothing exciting happened anywai, life has stopped itself in preparation of the few weeks in which I will have so much unbelievable buttsecks with my Xbox & PC that my... Well. Better not finish that.


  1. I've been also having trouble with my internet... damn those internet companies >.<
    hate them all !

  2. Shady internet companies. Have fun with your...adventure?

  3. Kewl story, bra! waiting for updates from you